JHS’ Gardeners of Weedin’ Club Busy Spreading Beauty & Love

JHS’ Gardeners of Weedin’ Club Busy Spreading Beauty & Love

[Jamestown, NY] – Jamestown High Schools’ Gardens of Weedin’ Club has been out and about finding time to dig in the dirt. Their first mission was to weed the overgrown “secret garden” area by the bench in front of JHS. Over the past few years, the club has planted annuals and perennials in this area to beautify the school. This year, the club added a three-tiered stacked planter. In the near future, they hope to add some hanging flower baskets at the front entrance of the school.

For the fifth year, the Gardeners of Weedin’ spread love through their “Flowers for Friends.” Every fall, the club plants tulip and daffodil bulbs and in the late spring to deliver to the residents at Heritage Park Skilled Nursing Home. The club members love seeing the smiling faces of many residents at Heritage Park.

“We look forward to bringing the flowers every year as the students and I very much enjoy bringing a little sunshine into someone’s room,” said Cheryl Jones, JHS Gardeners of Weedin’ Advisor.

In May, City Arborist Dan Stone came to JHS to speak to the students about Arbor Day and planted a Musashino Zelkova tree in front of the school. The Zelkovas are native to Japan, Korea and Taiwan and the fall color can be bright yellow to rusty red.

“A special thank you to Dan Stone and our maintenance crew at JHS,” said Mrs. Jones. “These folks always make time for us and we are very appreciative. Thank you to Brenda Harding, Andy Field, Craig Robbins and Carl Myers for being available to assist us with our many gardening needs. For those of you that have contemplated a flower or vegetable garden, we encourage you to do so. It is very therapeutic and you will literally reap what you sow. A word of encouragement, keep in mind that there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments. You can do it!”

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