JHS AP Biology Students Volunteer Time for Jefferson Arboretum

JHS AP Biology Students Volunteer Time for Jefferson Arboretum

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[Jamestown, NY] – JHS AP Biology students in Jennifer Lumia’s classes channeled their end-of-the-school year excitement to create promotional materials for the Jefferson Arboretum on Martin Road. The students created two brochures, a website and a rap video about trees to help let the community know about this wonderful resource for walking and viewing nature.

“Every year after the AP exams, I ask my students to do a community project. I feel very strongly that our best and brightest should give back to their community. This year, they chose the Jefferson Arboretum,” said Mrs. Lumia. “ I am very proud of the work they did. They persevered as a team, even knowing that they didn’t have to do this for a grade or test, to follow through and complete the projects. It lets them see a real-life use for the knowledge that they have gained in the classroom.

The classes first took a field trip to the Jefferson Arboretum and met with City Arborist, Dan Stone, who helped them identify trees. Students also took photographs for their website and brochure. District Technology Information Specialist Coach, Jason Kathman, helped students set-up a team Google Drive so everyone could collaborate on the project. The two brochures were designed, laid out and written by the students, including a link to their website with QR codes. The website (https://sites.google.com/jpsny.org/jefferson-arboretum/home) includes: the goal of the project, a list & photos of the different types of tree at the Jefferson Arboretum and the “tree rap” song, which was produced as a video. The song, created by Sarah Russo and Morgan Tracy, is about all the different trees at the arboretum and people they met through the project like Mr. Stone. The rap was created with the help of fellow classmates, Izzy Knapp, Elle Noon and Kara Triscari. The students used the JHS recording and video studio with the assistance of teacher, Sam Qadri, to put their tree rap song video together. All of the students really enjoyed the project.

“Sometimes during an AP class you get lost in the process of working and getting ready for a test,” said Jamestown High School junior Grayson Holt. “But a project like this lets you use the knowledge you’ve learned in the classroom, outside of school. You learn that it can be applied anywhere. I also didn’t realize there were people like Mr. Stone who are so knowledgeable and passionate about trees. He was fantastic and so willing to share his passion with us. It was great to do something with no incentive but to collaborate with others to do something for the community.”

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