JHS Honor Society Inducts New Members

JHS Honor Society Inducts New Members

[Jamestown, NY] – Jamestown High School held its annual Induction Ceremony for the Jamestown Chapter of the National Honor Society this week with 55 new inductees.

The new inductees were:

Seniors: Alyson Edwards and Hanny Qadri

Juniors: Beck Anderson, Drew Boggs, Anna Burt, Natalie Carlson, Micaela Cleveland, Ryan Corey, Emily Crasti, Ellen Cross, JonMichael DeAngelo, Asha DeHarder, Corin Derby, Christian Dolce, Brianna Dorman, Hannah Frederick, Olivia Gates, Karleigh Haines, Finley Holt, Grayson Holt, Hannah Hornyak, Elyse Jones, Tiffany Kilburn, Isabelle Knapp, Taylor Lee, Jena Luce, Macey Lundmark, Mei Maxwell, Kaitlyn McDowell, Joshua McEntire, Zara Miles, Ellyse Noon, Abigail Nordwall, Grace Osborne, Kayla Pacheco, Lauren Peters, Sarah Pillittieri, Rylee Porter, Ryan Restivo, Matthew Rhodes, Matthew Roehmholdt, Sarah Russo, Heather Sampson, Emily Spitz, Nolan Stevenson, Allison Stockwell, Cayla Swartz, Morgan Tracy, Kara Triscari, Carley Westphal, Zoe White, Camryn Wilson, Micaley Wiltsie, Mia Young and Josh Zielinski.

To be eligible for membership consideration, students had a weighted cumulative grade point average of 96.0%, or an unweighted average of 91.0%. Additionally, potential members had to meet high standards of leadership, service, and character. The Faculty Council evaluates members of the junior and senior classes. Leadership is based on the student’s participation in two or more community and school activities, or election to an office. To meet the service requirement, the student must have been active in three or more service projects in the school or community. Character is measured in terms of integrity, behavior, ethics, and cooperation with both students and faculty.

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