Bush 2nd Graders Experience Reading in a Magical Setting

Bush 2nd Graders Experience Reading in a Magical Setting

[Jamestown, NY] – Bush Elementary School second graders have the opportunity to experience reading in a castle thanks to teachers Laurel Schwartz, Jill Anderson and Katie Darling, with a special thanks to Steve Schwartz for his skills in turning cardboard into a magical setting from long, long ago.

The castle was a component of the book, Sir Gus, used in class. The book is an engaging text in the ELA curriculum that follows the serendipitous undertakings of Sir Gus, one of King Alfred’s twelve knights. The enduring main character motivates the students to meet the challenges of more complex text. The students learn strategies to decode multisyllabic words and are introduced to rich vocabulary. The castle provides the opportunity for students to engage with the text in a new and exciting way. The students love the new reading space.

I remember reading that part in the story because I was in the castle, and so into the story, that I was able to visualize it,” said Bush Elementary School second grader Owen Everetts. Students are reminded of the characters and the plot by the artwork in and around the castle.

The creation of the castle came at a great time as it coincides with Bush School’s PARP (Parents As Reading Partners) Program. The students can camp out in the castle and read with a partner as one way to work toward meeting their PARP minutes.

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