Lakewood opens two museums and Fire Station, Library hosts Birthday Party for all to enjoy

Lakewood– Lakewood will celebrate 125 years of History on Saturday May 19 when it opens both its History Museum and its Fire Department Museum to the public, and the Lakewood Memorial Library also offers activities for the entire family for fun and learning about Lakewood History. The full day of events will take place from 10am – 2pm.

The event will kick off with a proclamation at 10 am in front of the Lakewood History Museum with Village Officials, dignitaries, and members of the Village History Committee. The museum will be open with free admission, and boasts 125 years of artifacts from throughout Lakewood’s history. This is a rare opportunity to peek inside the rich history of the Village of Lakewood, both through the lens of community members enjoying lakeside living in beautiful Victorian homes, or staying in grand hotels, as well as through the eyes of the volunteer fire fighters who have protected the community for over a century.

The Fire Department was crucial to formation of the village, and plenty of history remains today. The village hall was first built and donated by James Ward Packard, of the Packard Motor Car Company, as a new state of the art fire station for the newly formed Lakewood Hose Company. So just visiting the Village Clerk, or coming to a board meeting, residents are experiencing Lakewood history. However on Saturday, residents can also enjoy learning about the very first vehicles that were housed in the new fire station. Just down Chautauqua Avenue in the new and much larger Fire Station, are the beautifully refurbished 1915 Hallock Machine Company Ford chemical fire truck which was the first motorized fire apparatus in Chautauqua County (still works!), and The hand-drawn hose cart that was used before Mr. Packard donated the motorized truck. That’s right the Lakewood Fire Department went straight from hand-drawn hose cart to motorized truck without the use of horses in the early days of the Village.

All Lakewood and area residents are invited to browse the history museum, and the Fire Department Museum and station on Saturday.

The Lakewood Memorial Library is also hosting a variety of family oriented fun activities to celebrate Lakewood’s 125th Birthday! During Lakewood’s Birthday Party you can go on a scavenger hunt, do old-fashioned crafts, and play old-fashioned games. Children can also decorate a cupcake and enjoy Old Fashioned lemonade!  Also, at 12:00 noon Old Lakewood will come to Life! Children will be portraying famous Lakewood citizens and talking about them.

The Village will also be collecting current day artifacts to place in a Time Capsule, which will be sealed at a later date and opened at a much later date. If you have anything to contribute to the capsule, please bring items to the Clerk’s office before Saturday, or to the History Museum on Saturday. The items will be on display during the day.

For more information check the Village of Lakewood website at or Facebook page or call 716-763-8557.

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