Black Belt Advancement Ceremony

Black Belt Advancement Ceremony

On Wednesday January 24th Sensei Matt Benware advanced to his Junior Shodan black belt through the Fudozen Shorinji Kempo Karate organization. Officiated by Sensei Grand Master Jim Galati.

Sensei Benware is from Dunkirk NY. Sensei Benware has been a member of The Family Martial Arts Center since 2012. As a role model and inspiration to many, he has proven to assist with bright futures in Students.

His progression has been exciting and adventurous. The training consists of mental and physical endurance and challenges. One may think the Martial Arts is all physical. Incorrect. Most training is mental. Reading one’s body movements, telegraphing body placements, awareness of surroundings, confidence to make a wise choice, socializing with groups, being able to teach their own individual knowledge to Students with precise accuracy, becoming a role model, using the skills learned in other life obstacles and skills (sports and activities) and to persevere as a young adult. Sensei Cox’ training consisted in punches, kicks, ground defense and offense, balance in the mind and body, grappling, weapons training and many other aspects of defense.

Sensei Matt Benware has many goals. One is being the best he can be as an entrepreneur. I am very excited to be part of his life, his growth and see where his journey takes him. Now Sensei Benware has the opportunity to create his own diverse style and training methods in the Kempo organization.

Several of our black belts attended the ceremony. I want to thank the Sensei’ families and friends for supporting him on this day and through the journey.

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