Golfer’s Diary #26: Holiday Shopping Guide For The Golfer On Your List

Golfer’s Diary #26: Holiday Shopping Guide For The Golfer On Your List

By Stefan Gestwicki

Star Contributing Writer

Whether it’s for secular or religious reasons, it’s the holiday season for a huge portion of the population. Without getting onto a soapbox, that also means it’s also the gift-giving season.

If you have a golfer on your nice list, this is the article for you.

Here’s the first tip: Unless you’re sure of which kind of golf ball they use, you probably shouldn’t venture into that market. While I personally couldn’t care less which brand of ball I use, a good portion of golfers are particular about that piece of equipment.

That’s enough about what NOT to put under the tree (or wherever your gifts are stored). You came here for some joy-inducing ideas. So here we go.

GLOVES — It might sound weird to the non-golfer, but most golfers go through several gloves per season. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but you probably can’t go wrong with just a classic Callaway, etc. white glove. Some have nice extras like built-in magnetic ball markers. All you have to know is if they play right-handed or left-handed.

PUTTING GREEN — You’ll see these in almost every store in those sections with cheap gifts that no one wants. Don’t buy those ones. I can’t stress this enough: you get what you pay for with these. Only use this gift idea if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a good one. Personally, I have a junk one that doesn’t lay flat and doesn’t really help me practice my putting at all.

GIFT CERTIFICATES — While courses aren’t actually open this time of year, you should still be able to contact them about gift certificates. Most courses will either let you do a dollar amount or get a certificate for a round with a cart, etc. Either one is a great idea that any golfer would be glad to receive, especially if it’s for a course they don’t normally get to play.

APPAREL — You’ll need to know their size, but I reckon that nearly every golfer would be happy with another polo or a pair of shorts. This doesn’t mean go to Kohl’s and buy any old polo. You’ll want to get one specifically for golfers. In fact, you can probably find one at a local pro shop – many of which open specifically for this holiday season. Like with the gift certificates, it’s pretty easy to get in touch with course owners, managers, etc. Hats are another solid choice in this department.

TEES — No golfer can ever have enough tees and they’re not expensive. This is an easy one.

MAGNETIC BALL MARKER HAT CLIP — I bought one of these last season and I just love it. In fact, a buddy of mine was super jealous of it so I bought one for him (hopefully he doesn’t read this before I get a chance to give it to him). The best part is that they make these things in a huge variety of styles. You can get them for golf companies like Titleist, of course, but you can also find them for any professional or collegiate sports team you want. It’s another inexpensive option, but one that will surely put a smile on the face of that golfer on your list.

RANDOM GOLF-THEMED STUFF — Without knowing exactly how to word it, golfers love golf stuff. Golf coffee mugs, golf bottle openers, golf t-shirts, golf socks, golf clocks, golf puzzles, golf pens, golf books, golf improvement DVDs, golf playing cards, golf BBQ sets — I think you get the idea. Sure it’s just a cheap marketing ploy to slap golf on anything and everything, but as a golfer, I don’t care.

CUSTOM GOLF BALLS — Wait, I thought you said not to get golf balls. Well, yes, I did. But there are some online companies that can put virtually anything onto a golf ball and that’s pretty neat. Want to commemorate a fantasy football championship in unique style? Want to slap a small business logo on a golf ball? Want to make your buddy laugh with an inside joke? Whatever you want to do, you can put on a ball. Then it’s up to the golfer to decide whether to use said balls or not. A pretty cool gift if you ask me.

I hope that gave you some last-minute ideas.

Until next time, golf is great. Go get some.

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