CK H.O.G. Donates Holiday Goods to Love Elementary School

CK H.O.G. Donates Holiday Goods to Love Elementary School

The Chautauqua-Kinzua Harley Owners Group (CK H.O.G.) recently made a generous donation to Love Elementary School. The group donated toys, books, socks, hats, scarves and mittens to help give students a happy holiday season.


“We cannot believe the amazing donation that CK H.O.G. gave to our school,” said Love Elementary School Principal Renee Hartling. “This type of donation is so very needed at this time of the year and we will be sure that Love students get these wonderful gifts to help them have a happy holiday.”


The group collects items throughout the year at their monthly meetings and chooses a different school or organization in the area to donate to each year. Mark Smith started the tradition of yearly donations as he came from a large family and remembered that they didn’t always have many presents. He never wanted another child to feel that way. The group continues to do the project every year because they believe all children should have a great holiday and they love to help out their community.


Love Elementary School students understand the importance of the community giving back to their school.


“At Christmas, everyone might not be able to have a good holiday,” said Love Elementary School fourth grader Madison Martin. “They may not be able to buy presents so when people help like this help us, it gives someone a present who may not get one.”

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