JHS Madrigal Singers Performed at the NYS PTA Conference

JHS Madrigal Singers Performed at the NYS PTA Conference

Jamestown High School Madrigal Singers performed at the New York State PTA Conference in Niagara Falls this past weekend. They opened the PTA’s third general session with a 20-minute performance for approximately 200 people.

“We were greeted after our performance by the President-Elect of the New York State School Music Association who was both surprised and pleased with our performance,” said Norm Lydell, A Cappella Choir Director. “I don’t think he was expecting to hear a performance by a school music group. He had wonderful commentary, which he shared directly with the students.”

Each year approximately 25 members of the JHS A Cappella Choir are selected by audition for membership in the Madrigal Singers. The group performs at community functions, in and around the Jamestown area, throughout the school year.

The Madrigal Singers, Men of Tomorrow and Ladies of Today are vocal ensembles made up of the students from the A Cappella Choir.  Miss Ebba Goranson, who established a standard of excellence and many traditions of the A Cappella Choir, founded group in 1924. Under the leadership of “Aunt Ebba,” the choir established a special place in the hearts of the people of Jamestown.  The tradition and heritage of this choir has been maintained under the direction of Donald B. Bube, Brian A. Bogey, and Norman Lydell.

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