Hochul Endorses Ferguson for County Executive, Lazarony for Clerk

Hochul Endorses Ferguson for County Executive, Lazarony for Clerk

Michael Ferguson, Chautauqua County Executive candidate, received a very important endorsement from New York State Lt Governor Kathy Hochul Sunday evening at the annual “soup rally” hosted by the Dunkirk Democratic committee.  Hochul spoke about Fergusons experience and leadership stating, “we are lucky to have candidates like you, your success in the private sector will result in jobs and growth, this County needs to elect Mike Ferguson.”  Ferguson added, “I have a vision for Chautauqua County and we can dream big things. There is no reason we have to hold back.”

Lieutenant Governor Hochul also endorsed LeeAnn Lazarony for County Clerk.  She said about Lazarony. “LeeAnn’s experience as a successful mayor of Cassadaga as well as her work with drug court has prepared her to be an effective and organized County Clerk.”

Mike Ferguson addressed the crowd and thanked the Lt Governor for joining the event.  He also thanked Mayor Willie Rosas and Chairman Ned Divine, as well as all the volunteers, for all their support throughout the campaign.  Ferguson stated “the Governor and Lieutenant Governor have been very good to Chautauqua County and as County Executive I will nurture that relationship and look for continued support that will bring job growth and efficient government.”

Election day is this Tuesday, November 7th, please remember to vote.

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