Homemade By Katy: Pumpkin Crafts

Homemade By Katy: Pumpkin Crafts

Homemade by KatyBy Katy Wise

Contributing Writer

This time of year is full of pumpkins and candy corn, hay rides and corn mazes, and all kinds of fun fall things.

There is also a large amount of unnecessarily scary fall things.

The purpose of this article isn’t to complain, or expecting the world to adapt to our point of view.

Just simply stating that I can’t personally comprehend why the vast majority of people think it to be not only acceptable, but encourage and promote scaring kids.

It is not the time or place for me to get on that soap box, though.

What I would like to share, are some fall fun ideas that are innocent and age appropriate. Cute things to do with your kids, or other family and friends, that are season appropriate, but also age appropriate.

Some of these are incredibly simple, but that’s what makes them easy to do with kids! It is also nice to see a craft that utilizes the tools you already have at home.

Here are some ideas, that hopefully you can enjoy at home with your loved ones. These will help develop fine motor skills, and give the opportunity to learn some colors and shapes, too!

As always, thanks for reading, and happy crafting from HBK!

1. Apple-Pumpkin Stamps

This is probably the most simple idea ever. Cut an apple in half in order to make a stamp, then let those little fingers (and your fingers!) go at it.

On a totally serious note, I sometimes think that I enjoy our crafts more than our kids.

You can do multiple pumpkin prints, and then let the kids decorate them each with their own faces.

2. Beaded pumpkins

Slide some orange beads onto a green pipe cleaner, and shape into a pumpkin.

These might not be things that you already have on hand, but they are inexpensive, and will take a minimum amount of time.

You can make them as elaborate as you wish, sure, but this craft is ultimately simple enough for youngsters to do without much help.

3. Yarn Pumpkins

I have shared a very similar craft before, to make Easter eggs. This is the same process, just with different colors.

This craft is more involved, and would be great for 6-10 year olds. I say up to age 10, but we all know, that some of us just really like crafts, so there is no age limit here.

You will need balloons, glue and pipe cleaners. This is one of those crafts that can piggy back off of the supplies from the last craft.

Prepare some small balloons by inflating to the size pumpkins that you want to make.

Cut yarn into manageable pieces (5-10 inches) and put some regular old school glue in a bowl.

Dip the yarn in the glue, scraping or wiping off the excess. Wrap around the balloon, overlapping in some places, and allow to dry completely.

The last time we made these, we allowed to dry overnight.

As this tutorial shows, you can hang them to dry too. We just laid them on some old copies over our favorite weekly newspaper, hint, hint…

Once they are completely dry, pop and remove balloons, and add a cute little pipe cleaner stem.

Pictures from onelittleproject.com

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