Homemade By Katy: Front Doors and First Impressions

Homemade By Katy: Front Doors and First Impressions

When we first moved into our current home just short of two years ago, I knew right away what color I wanted to paint our doors.

There were three exterior doors and a shed to be painted, and I was beyond positive that I wanted them to match.

I picked a beautiful light blue, that some would say is aqua, some might think is teal, and even mint green would be considered an okay guess.

The color was perfect, it was basically my favorite color on a door, (or three) and it coordinated well with the house.

It went well with any holiday decor, but it also never really ‘popped.’

I’m sure at least some reading can fully understand what I mean when I say that there’s a huge difference between a color that coordinates and a color that pops.

A color that really draws your eye in. Something that has just the right balance between coordinating and contrasting.

Fast forward a year and a half. With a little backstory thrown in.

I have always liked pink doors, but never thought my husband would go for them.

Some people would read that and say, just do it anyways!

That’s not us though, we are 100% a team.

He lives here, too. With that, comes sharing opinions and agreeing on things.

Of course there are times when we both compromise or yield to the other, especially when it’s something that isn’t a huge deal to one of us.

Usually I make the majority of our home decor decisions, but a pink door was something I wanted to run by him first.

I had pinned multiple shades of pink doors to my ‘home’ board on ‘Pinterest,’ and there were a couple with similar gray siding that I just loved looking at.

They were pleasing to the eye.

Well, I showed him a few pictures, and after the initial shock he agreed that it actually looked fantastic.

Fast forward to present time again.

Last week I had to go down to the basement for something, and spotted a can of paint that was leftover from painting our daughter’s nursery in our old home.

The lightbulb went off.

You can clearly see what happened from here.

First I tried it out on the back door to see how it would look from the outside, against our siding.

We had more paint in case it looked terrible, because I had bought some to replace the spilled can from a few weeks ago…

It was a perfect fit.

Our boys are still coming around to the idea of having that much pink on our house.

My only regret is not having done it sooner.

If you’ve been on the fence about painting your own doors, give it a shot!

Don’t forget that you can use Pinterest to find ideas or examples of what you already have in mind.

As always, thanks for reading and happy painting from HBK!

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